Amazing Showers

The Calientamigos is quite a clever showering system that uses minimum input and delivers maximum output. Allow me to explain, not all can afford the luxury of a warm bath. In essence they don’t have hot running water to heat and pressurize water for bathing, cooking and cleaning. To solve this problem we have here the three modular components: Bomba, a safe, portable electric water heater that heats 5 gallons of water to 110 degrees F in 15 minutes. Corazon, a simple to use foot pump that pressurizes the warm water; and Gota, a multi-purpose faucet head.

The whole system is capable of easily providing a good shower for 2 adults or 3 children.

Designers: Tianyi Sun, Della Tosin and Kevin Chang


  • Great presentation of this amazing little portable Callientamigos showering system for remote locations. Definitely will share the info….

  • nic says:

    Very clever and simple solution wrapped up in a modern and practical design. This is an example of what GOOD DESIGN (rif. Maldonado) should be.
    Well done!

  • its very nice and amazing

  • Levi Fink says:

    This is a really clever design to a problem that is needing a solution. This looks like a good way to get warm water to places that are not able to achieve hot water at a convenience like here in the US. The only thing that really concerns me with this is the availability of fresh clean water that would be able to be used with this design.

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