The Legs Of This Interloping Minimal Wooden Chair Look Like Two Pairs Of Scissors

Having an excellent array of chairs in our home is crucial. And if you’re wondering why, well, you shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure! Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic and aesthetic as well. And, a unique and well-designed chair that would be an excellent addition to your home is the Kainchee chair by Shubh Wadel.

Designer: Shubh Wadel

Now let me guess, the name of the chair instantly caught your attention didn’t it? ‘Kainchee’. Kainchee means scissor in the Hindi language. And if you look closely, you can understand why the designer dubbed his design Kainchee. The chair does look like two pairs of scissors, from the bottom half at least. The star feature of the chair is its intertwining and geometrically intriguing form. A band of walnut wood forms the seat of the chair, while subtly interlocking with the ash wood to form the legs of the chair. The interlocking walnut and ash wood legs bring to mind the image of two scissors!  The band also serves as the rigid armrest of the chair.

The chair includes four joints, two on each side, both seamlessly merging together to support the entire structure of walnut and ash wood, allowing the various elements to rely on them effortlessly. The designer specifically chose both ash and walnut wood, to create an interesting contrast in terms of texture, grain, color, and form, resulting in a fun yet functional interplay between the two materials.

The whole intention behind Kainchee was to create a distinctive chair with a unique character, that fits in perfectly with modern homes and residences. The objective was to build a chair that instantly invites the user to have a seat, in turn enriching their social life, when they are seated with others in a social setting. The chair was designed to encourage engagement and interaction between people while providing them with comfy and sturdy furniture to sit on.