Stay Dry in a Jiffy

Funnel Eject|Wear are revolutionary backpack designs that keep you and your belongings dry during unexpected rainstorms. Whether you’re on a motorcycle or just out for a walk, time is valuable when you’re about to get drenched, so a quick and easy mechanism allows the wearer to pull out a built-in waterproof jacket all without taking off the backpack. When not in use, it covers the pack for added protection that keeps everything from your laptop to your clothes safe from water damage. Watch it in action after the jump!

Designer: MITH – Make IT Happen


  • bar says:

    Just simple, most practical and a very essential design. Just take my money…

  • UL 61496-1 says:

    Earth bag home construction makes use of the same basic bag filled with dirt to construct energy efficient,UL 2594, low impact housing. Many solutions were mentioned,UL 1778, including apple cider vinegar. The green element of using fast growing and easily renewable bamboo instead of plastics,to make a laptop is being hyped pretty hard, and it is a major innovation. Mine cooks fast so even on low they are fully cooked and at the right temp in about 5 hours. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever do

  • ballz says:

    or just wear your jacket over your bag like you already do? another solution looking for a problem…

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