Amazing Inflatable Tents!

Campers know that to find the right tent it’s gotta be sturdy, reliable, lightweight, highly durable, thoughtfully shaped for strength and should feel just right. Well, look no further because here are not 1… not 2… but 3! They’re based on a specific molecular structure called “diamond grid’ made of air beams built with a resistant double-layer construction and extra airtight thermoplastic urethane bladder that keeps air inside for a long time. Introducing, The Cave, The Wedge and Mavericks. My fave: the Cave! Check em’ out!

The latest design, Mavericks, is designed for extreme conditions and expeditions. The special geodesic structure has been developed to withstand high wind speeds up to 180 km/h, and is pre-assembled so it can easily be set up by an individual.

All tents come with a multi-chamber safety system that enables users to inflate the entire air frame in just one single step. Once blown up, the air frame can be divided into separate sections to ensure stability in the event that a part becomes damaged.

Designer: Frackenpohl Poulheim for Heimplanet