Eat Something Sexy

The Afrodite aims at igniting passion with its range of sensual cookware. Based on the idea that food cooked with love and passion is a personal representation of us, it looks at delving into a journey filled with discovering pleasure in a unique way. Homage to the Greek goddess of love and beauty, the set is a refreshing new approach to culinary bliss.

  • Afrodite is made of three elements thought both for cooking and tasting to create a unique experience of playfulness, complicity, intimacy and Eros.
  • Afrodite jug (pot), Afrodite pan and Afrodite spoon (little saucepan for interactive, sensual games).
  • Afrodite accessories: Mr Championglove (potholder for him inspired by boxing gloves), Lady Seductiveglove (inspired by the elegant and feminine gloves of the ’30s) and What’s Inside, potholder with a pocket where you can insert dinner invitations or love notes.
  • The Lovers, Mr. Fork and Miss Spoon, a set of cutlery inspired by the contrasting shapes of the sinuous curves of the female body with those of a more tense and vigorous masculine shape.
  • The collection is completed with a recipe book indexed by moods to create magical atmospheres and satisfy different cravings. Each mood allows the preparation of an entire course based on aphrodisiac ingredients.
  • Containers in die-cast aluminum allow seductive curves, in combination with Bakelite handles for more tense forms.
  • A precious chromatic color way was chosen for Afrodite: Gold Dionysus; a combination of the intoxicating shades of red wine with the preciousness of golden honey; the nectar of the gods.

In Collaboration: IED-Istituto europeo di design Milano and Company TVS

Designers: spooon – Monica Albini, Benedetta Leonardi & Cara Judd