Life of Pi

Disasters strike without any warning, so the best thing is to be prepared. For example this Life Box, which is a rapid-response disaster recovery box that can be air dropped. The box basically turns into a four-person inflatable shelter and holds relief goods.
This foldable polyethylene box includes two cardboard boxes containing food, water, sleeping bags etc. and transforms into an inflatable shelter.


  • The inflatable, double-layer shelter is attached to the interior surface of Life Box. When it is unfolded, Life Box serves as the floor of the shelter.
  • The outer layer of the shelter also functions as a cross-type parachute during the airdrop.
  • The polyethylene foam provides comfort and insulation. It is also a good shock absorber.
  • The Box comes in three versions for different needs: ‘air’, ‘land’ and ‘water’.
  • The ‘air’ type is for the disaster areas that can be only reached by aircraft.
  • The outer layer of the shelter is used as parachute during airdropping.
  • The ‘land’ type is for disaster areas that can be reached by road.
  • The outer layer of the shelter is placed inside the box.
  • The ‘water’ type is for flood-affected areas. It serves as a shelter on both water and land. It has two inflated rings around the shelter for floatation.

The Life Box is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winner.

Designer: Adem Onalan