Table That Is A PC

The C-Walker is a radical PC + Table concept whose idea germinates from the fact that workstations with CPU, wires, screen and keyboard look cluttered and distracting. One of the ways to streamline the desk is to integrate the PC into the table itself. What we have now is a desk with wires that are internally set, a virtual keyboard and a projected screen. USB slots and CD ROM slots are flushed to the side of tabletop, along with the power button. Essentially we have a hybrid desk that part PC and part table. Yes, the functional future has arrived!

Designer: Nithin V Antony


  • Michael Wortman says:

    While this is a very nice design, it misses the basic reality that the useful life of a PC is 18 months while the useful life of a table is 20 years or more.

  • Jon Bucky says:

    Nowadays people don’t keep furniture more than a Mac, so i would say a 5 years would be decent if it’s high-tech.

  • Dhaval says:

    Make it upgradable, or even better, modular, and then we’re talking.

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