The Power of a Deo

There are two reasons why I love the ClickStick, a revolutionary deodorant dispenser that has been developed by two amazing people. The first is the obvious – it’s innovative, functional and high-tech; the second is that you can easily gift it to those smelly co-workers without really offending them. After all who can fault such inventiveness that brings about a unique change?

The Basics

The ClickStick is the first refillable eco-friendly deodorant applicator that can save up to 90% of deodorant plastic waste. It features a unique electronic dispensing system. What makes it smart is that it delivers the right amount of deodorant to the ideal spot on your armpit, avoiding stains, skin irritations and sensitivity. The more important thing is that thanks to the right amount of deo dispensed via the accurate push-button, unhealthy overuse of aluminum (active ingredient in deos), is minimized.

The accompanying app reminds you to apply deo everyday; it reminds for refills and ensures that you’re always protected.

The eco-friendly refill containers are filled with your choice of deodorant/antiperspirant and are easily replaced. Designed trendy, the deo holders come standard, with the magic push-button delivery and LED lights. The modern look gives that edge on your bathroom shelf. Know more here.

Personal Story

We caught up with the designer duo and asked them more about their creation. Gilad, the founder of ClickStick, is a passionate engineer, out-of-the box thinker, great cook and a nice guy. As a graduate student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, he started working on the ClickStick project with his best friend Carla. Carla is an exceptionally smart person with unique attention to details (that’s why they had to build 20 prototypes until she was happy with the location of the push button). “
I truly believe that with your help we can revolutionize the old personal care industry and make every day product like deodorant exciting and fun.”

[ There is a premium Kickstarter Chrome Edition that looks super sexy, the kinds that we at YD would get! Do check that out. ]

Creativity at its BEST

Gilad recounts, “I had been frustrated with conventional deodorants for many years, continuously getting marks on my clothes and that wet and sticky feeling. Mostly, every time my deodorant ended and I had to throw away all the plastic, I wondered why we still have to dispose so much waste after using it for just a few weeks. In addition, deodorant application is one area of personal care that hadn’t made significant (or any) advancements since the 50’s. I said to myself that there must be a better way than turning the archaic knob that always reminded me of dial phones and old manual car windows. When I met Carla, the idea of ClickStick started to come together as a product. She immediately identified with the need of ease of use products. Carla’s father had suffered from ALS and had difficulty in simple everyday tasks. She also realized that there’s no reason that in the 21st century, everyday task is not easy and fun.”

Designers: Gilad Arwatz and Carla Bahri [ Buy it Here ]