Samurai-inspired Soccer Gear


Basic soccer shinguards have one major issue – they’re not made to fit the player, they’re made to fit the masses. ZWEIKAMPF shin guards are a revolutionary design that combine all the best qualities: comfort (7mm thick), lightness (75 grams), aesthetics and best of all, individualization. They’re 3D-printed which allows complex geometries to be produced in one piece. With 3D scanning and 3D modeling, the shin guards can even be adapted to the athlete’s own shins, and all this can be done on demand.

ZWEIKAMPF’s unique Y Structure is a reinterpretation and redevelopment of the honeycomb structure Japanese Samurai fighters used over 1000 years ago. This clever geometry helps to distribute shock across the surface of the guard, muting the full impact at any single point.

Designer: Bernstein Innovation GmbH