Phablet – Tablet = Phone

It looks so funny when people try and talk on the Galaxy Tab (like a phone) and on the flipside we rue that the iPad can’t make calls. I love the middle path taken by the s.Max, which is a tablet with a detachable mobile phone. The clever design allows both devices to be used independently or in conjunction with each other. I love the ease with which you can get a closer look at the stage, when in a concert. Brills!

x.Max is a Dongguan Cup winner.

Designer: Su Wen Yuan


  • KKD says:

    What is a phablet? The original Note was labelled a phablet yet most (bar HTC and Samsung) flagship phones this year will be greater than or equal to 5.3 inches with their dedicated larger models being 6 inches. The term phablet is evolving and you are incredibly narrow minded to say that someone looks silly using a Note when it is inevitable that ALL phones will be greater than 5.3 inches of the original Note.

  • @KKD Actually, I imagine there will always be a market for smaller-screened phones. Sometimes you gotta use something with just one hand, ya know?

    Anyway, I don’t see the point of having a phone dock with a tablet. I don’t see how that would be any more useful than separate devices, and there would be a large disadvantage with the border between the phone and tablet or forgetting to redock the phone.

    BTW, since a phablet is between a phone and a tablet, a phablet – tablet = -phone

  • Jimmy C says:

    Some notes:
    The aspect ratio of both the phone and tablet seem a bit off. The charging ports don’t have the best amount of space, especially if the phone needs to slide into the tablet. And I agree with James Martindale above about the border between the phone and tablet.

  • Samuel Sylvester says:

    Please forward to me the price of this product.

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