Keep Learning: solidThinking Evolve 2014 – Webinar

Modeling and rendering has been taken to a new level thanks to the new solidThinking Evolve 2014. Key new features like New Construction Aids and Scene Management, Enhanced User Interface Options, Improved Modeling Tools and Live Linking to KeyShot, are an integral part of the system. To get more out of their offering, you can register for the free webinars that are being organized. In short, see how solidThinking Evolve can help you develop better products on PC or Mac!

We all know that solidThinking Evolve is 3D design software for model creation on either Mac or PC. So when you want to take your designs from drawing to rendering this software is your key. solidThinking Evolve 2014 promises better usability and efficiency that allows designers to develop forms faster than ever before.

The FREE Webinar is being held on March 11, 2014 9:00 AM Eastern


March 11, 2014 2:00 PM Eastern

Rendered in Evolve.

Here is why you should TRY out the software:

  • Evolve captures an initial sketch, allowing exploration of styling alternatives and the visualization of products with high-quality renderings generated in real time.
  • It combines the modeling freedom of organic surfaces and the control of parametric solids with a unique ConstructionTreeTM history feature.
  • Evolve releases designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process.

Modeled and rendered in Evolve using KeyShot live linking.

Here is a brief overlook at the features:

  • New Construction Aids and Scene Management – Additional snaps added and improved existing snaps, new isolate mode and better management of hiding/unhiding objects, and added many new hotkeys to increase workflow efficiency.
  • Enhanced User Interface Options – Simplified workflow for importing and controlling background images, added option to enable/disable selection pre-highlighting, as well as a mode to quickly disable curve visualization to better evaluate models.
  • Improved Modeling Tools – Revised Replication tools for more intuitive workflow, increased surface control for the Round tool, and added robustness to Deformation tools.
  • Live Linking to KeyShot – Enables KeyShot scenes to be continuously updated directly from Evolve.

User Interface/Workflow

  • Snaps: New snap control for bounding box center, edges, edge end points, mid-points, and mid-points for Nurbs curves
  • New Snap hotkeys: Alt+1,2,3,4 toggles corresponding Grid Snaps, Alt activates Curve & Tangency snaps, Ctrl activates End & Mid point snaps
  • Hotkey List: Added a list of all the common hotkeys in the Help pulldown menu
  • Hide/Unhide: Allows the user to hide/unhide objects independently of objects hidden in construction history
  • Hide/Unhide Source objects: Alt+H used to Hide/Unhide Source objects in History
  • Isolating objects: Added new icon and the “i” key will hide all unselected objects, if no objects are selected it will unhide all hidden objects
  • Prehighlighting on/off option: An option to turn on or turn off prehighlighting has been added in the Preferences Panel
  • Curve color: Curves are displayed as a darker value of the surface color
  • Units display: Current model units are displayed in the application titlebar
  • Background images: Icon added in each of the modeling windows and parameters are controlled in the Modeling Tool Panel
  • Fit Model Shortcut: Added “F” key shortcut for Fit Whole Model if nothing is selected. If an object is selected this will fit to the selected object.
  • Hide Curves: Added new icon and the “Q” key will Hide/Unhide all the curves in the scene