How a regular guy invented a life-saving car option

Every year, numerous children die because of heat stroke from being left in parked cars. It’s unnecessary and avoidable, so when Opel challenged drivers to imagine their own car options, a warehouse worker by the name of Kenny Devlieger came up with an ingenious solution for giving vehicles an added layer of safety for protecting children. See how it works —>

Gabriel is a small key ring that is connected wirelessly to a pressure-sensitive mat made to fit every kind of child seat. Whenever the driver leaves the car with the child seat still occupied, an initial warning will sound. From that point on, the mat constantly measures the temperature inside the car. If it rises above 28 degrees Celsius, the heat alarm on the key ring will go off, signalling the driver to return immediately to the car.
Gabriel is an option that could benefit everyone. That’s why it was conceived in a way that it’s compatible with any vehicle, of any make or model.

Designer: Kenny Devlieger for Opel