Easy Air Pump

Hand-held air pumps to inflate flat bicycle tires can be a pain, so to make it easy on you; we have here the Air Pot. This is a micro electric compressor for bicycle to inflate air into the tire. Actually you can even use it on wheelchairs. The device is portable, rechargeable and with capabilities to set air pressure accurately. I love the retractable cord feature, which adds in a definitive spunk to the concept.

Designer: Gisuke Tokuyama


  • Tommy says:

    Hello, i come form Hong Kong. How can i purchase it?

  • Daryl James says:

    Nifty little air compressor, what PSI will this work with? Will it work with larger bike tires or just small tires?

  • stuh says:

    You have to know that if a air pump works with 100 PSI, the size will be similar to a toaster

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  • Harry says:

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