Versatile Tablet PC

A transforming Tablet PC is the best way to describe the Apollon. The device functions as a book reader sized tablet and can morph into a large 15inch 16:9 ratio screen. To make life easy, the Apollon uses dual OS. Windows OS for wide mode, which is effective at using heavy programs and watching wide resolution medias. The Android OS for the minimized experience intended for casual use like web surfing and PDF viewing.


  • The dock has extra CPU, Memory, VGA, and SATA SSD which boosts the performance of the tablet.
  • The tablet can be wirelessly connected to the dock by Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Flexible display is wound around the two rollers on each end.
  • When the extension unlock button is pressed, the lock will be released and the tablet can be extended horizontally.
  • Apollon is a hybrid PC and can be used as conventional tablet, wider version tablet, and also a PC when it’s docked.
  • Apollon does not lose its portability while maintaining its powerful performance.

Designer: Jongha Lee