Modern Trade by the River

The Yongjia World Trade Centre aims to create a new image for the WTC brand as well as a unique symbol for the new riverside city of Wenzhou. Set in the dense economic zone along the coast of Southeast China, next to the Yangtze River Delta region, the riverfront landscape is the unifying element in the overall design. The 5 towers that make up the center include top-floor residences, hotel suites, shopping/commercial areas, and of course, high-end offices for trade and businesses.

The notion of precious objects on a tray drives the main design concept, where the continuous podium landscape occupies the entire site and serves as a tray-like, green plain for the towers. The harmonious composition of the towers affords a unique image of the development from all different views. The composition will interweave with its surroundings, yet will remain recognizable as family of objects.
On the tower scale, “frames” underline the concept of neighbourhoods in the sky which create unique locations with distinct identities. So-called “eyes” are located where the frames overlap. These are commonly used spaces such as sky gardens and lounges for use by residents, or social gathering places for office areas that afford the best views towards the river and Wenzhou city center. Both the frames and the “eyes” enhance the character of this future city symbol.

Designer: UNStudio