This curved vertical ergonomic mouse helps lessen fatigue on your hand

As someone who has not used a mouse since I switched to Mac years ago, the idea of mouse fatigue is foreign to me. But I do know a lot of people who spend more than half of their day in front of the screen and with a mouse to guide them most of the time and they testify that it can take a toll on your hand and fingers. There are several ergonomic options out there but this one from Protoarc seems to be unique and even more ergonomic than the usual ones out there.

Designer: Protoarc

The EM11 RGB Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse lets you have a more relaxed position when using the device, especially if you’ll be using it for long periods. The ergonomics vertical grip gives you a more natural position for your hand and will also supposedly give you fatigue resistance because of the way you use it and the way it’s designed. It should be able to reduce the strain on your arm, wrist, and hand and also is more convenient with its back and forward thumb buttons.

If you’re using multiple devices, the mouse is able to switch connection mode through low bluetooth with up to 3 devices and with three different available DPI for high precision control. And if you prefer something a bit more stable, you can also connect it to your computer through a USB receiver. It also has four different RGB light modes to match your mood while working or playing: neon, monochromatic, streamer, breathing. The battery life is also pretty impressive as it can last up to 90 days on a single charge.

With a lot of people staying in front of screens more hours every day, whether for work or for play, it’s really important to have ergonomic devices like these so we lessen the fatigue on our body. If I was still using a mouse, I would probably use something like this as the design seems more natural than your usual mouse devices.