Mirror Mirror

Call it vanity or insane obsession, but there is something glamorous about looking into a mirror and appreciating your gorgeousness! ‘Tell me, mirror’ is a take on this sentiment and incorporates glam LEDs that light up when you come near it. Sensors do their work and you end up feeling like a movie star! How awesome!

Tell me, mirror is a 2013 is a 2013 IDEA Awards winner.

Advisor: Prof. Sang Jin Lee

Designer: Yoori Koo


  • tom miller says:

    what would be really cool would be color shiftable LEDs that could represent different times of day. Maybe treat shift disorder or other circadian issues.

  • Jonson says:

    Inspired by Philips…

  • Mohammd,Iranian says:

    It’s ausome but i’m so angry because I can’t find this mirror in Iran.

  • Janielle says:

    It looks so cooool!
    Can I have it in Singapore?

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