This sturdy yet portable pro exercise bike takes 1 minute to fold to the size of a carry-on bag!

Cycling is the complete package – keeps you physically and mentally healthy and when taken to the roads, it’s an eco-friendly mode of transport. It goes without saying, cycling’s attributes make it the most convenient and effective workouts. Since 2020 has us practicing life from home, exercise bikes are one of the most used fitness accessories for this purpose – they offer an exceptional cardio workout, burn calories, and help you maintain fitness without hitting the gym. Home exercise bikes are generally small considering their benefits, but if you’re really tight on space or want a machine you can carry around conveniently while maintaining those toned calves, the Breakaway Bike is an ultra-compact, no-frills design you definitely want to own. Why this bike? Allow us to answer that below.

Yes, a simple web search can lead you to a host of foldable and space-saving exercise bikes but if you do your research, you’ll find there are none that can provide professional quality work out at home and fold up to the size of a carry-on bag when you’re done! This is where the Breakaway Bike steps in with its immensely compact size. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, the bike measures 16 x 23 x 8-inches when packed down and weighs only 35 pounds. The bike boasts of being the world’s first exercise bike that can be conveniently folded down so you can pick it up and store away in a closet at home or under a table in the office until it’s time to get pumping! Get a full-sized workout, close up shop in seconds, and hide it away under the bed – it’s all so easy. Interestingly, you can also load the Breakaway Bike in the boot of your car or can fit in the overhead bin to be carried where your work takes you!

According to the team behind the Breakaway Bike, the intuitive design may come in a small size, but don’t let that fool you – the bike is sturdy enough to support your workout! Pull it out of storage, open its four legs, adjust the height and handlebars, set the belt-driven flywheel to your desired resistance, and get on with your workout. In addition to being size conscious, the bike is built for ease of use – it features a Bluetooth module to sync with mobile devices, to track your workouts in training apps such as Strava and Apple Health, along with their very own Breakaway app. To make things more intriguing for the professionals, the bike comes with a power meter that keeps track of power output during intense exercise, allowing you to use top cycling training apps such as TrainerRoad and Zwift too.

The fact that Breakaway Bike outdoes many of the popular foldable exercise bikes by brands like Marcy or ProGear, makes it a sweet deal from every aspect. It is compact, easy to set up in a jiffy, and will last even the most rugged use – be it indoors or outdoors. If you ask us, it makes complete sense to observe social distancing and workout at home instead of risking the gym and perhaps move in Breakaway’s direction.

Designer: John Stump of Breakaway Industries

Click Here to Buy Now: $479 $599 (20% off). Raised over $700,000.

Breakaway: World’s First Portable Stationary Bike

The Breakaway is a studio-quality, home exercise bike that folds down to the incredibly compact size of a carry-on bag for easy storage.

Professional Quality – An ultra compact, no-frills design gives you that same pro workout at home that you’re used to getting at the gym.

Sets Up & Adjusts in Seconds – In less than one minute pull Breakaway from your closet and adjust it to your height and resistance for a ride at any time.

Reviews from Users

Professional-grade Materials

Made from the same materials as the bikes professional cyclists use for a whisper-quiet ride.

Connects To Your Favorite App

Breakaway was built for ease, and connects to all your favorite workout programs like Zwift and TrainerRoad via Bluetooth for phones, tablets, and watches.

Incredibly Compact for Easy Storage

You won’t need to leave Breakaway out and in a designated space. Storable in closets or under beds, this is the perfect exercise bike for those in apartments and condos with limited space.

– Measures 16 x 23 x 8in and weighs around 35 lbs when folded
– Breakaway is conveniently sized to fit in any studio apartment, office, closet, or workout space
– Get a full sized workout, pack it down in seconds and store it next to your sneakers

Goes Anywhere You Go

Click Here to Buy Now: $449 $599 (25% off). Raised over $700,000.