Speakers of the Sea

These speakers celebrate and take inspiration from the natural world, using biomimicry for enhanced audio and aesthetics. Soundwhale surround sound provides multidirectional audio in the form of a whale passing through a wave while the Fishead focused speaker is a skeletal interpretation of the mouth of a fish where sound emanates. Composed of matte ceramic, polished titanium and oak wood, they’re an elegant compliment to entertainment systems anywhere from your boat to your beach house.

Designer: Patrick Frei


  • huahua says:


  • Christopher says:

    OK so how does it work? are there regular speakers in there, and this is a horn? or what? As far as I know, most fish are mute. This is supposed to be design, not art class.

  • Mohamed Shaarawy says:

    Please I need to know the price of this product and how can I get it

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