Guessing Game # 17

The Guessing Game is back! Your hint for today is this: The content inside is a daily requirement however it’s the packaging that you are really after!

I know I keep saying that there are no prizes for guessing, but how about this; if you promise not to cheat and leave an honest guess in the comments, I will crown you the Guessing Game King / Queen! Maybe we should make this a weekly feature and get you real prizes too, let me know what you think.

This is Oasis, a beautifully packaged drinking water veil that doubles up as a ticket and information pamphlet for museums and art houses. The idea behind the concept is to have an interactive and valuable medium of communication and not just nondescript booklet that holds tons of useless information.

Designer: Jin Choi


  • Sam says:

    I think letting people guess at the function of the object then giving the answer later would be fun. People come up with some interesting and creative ideas on what an object is or how it works by only looking at it.

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