Easy Moto Armour

As someone who was recently in a motorcycle accident, I can testify that wearing gear is CRUCIAL to a rider’s safety. It’s easy to carelessly avoid gearing up because it’s difficult, time consuming, & just plain uncomfortable. The SP3 focuses on resolving these problems by making the back protector as easy to put on as wearing a backpack, & also incorporates a neck stabilizer directly onto the helmet. Better yet, the helmet hooks on to the back protector so you can remove your helmet, drop it & move about.

The principal function of the device is to protect three essential parts of the body; the head, the neck and the back.
The head and the neck of the motorcyclists are protected by the helmet itself as well as a device located at the bottom of the helmet that restricts movements in the event of an accident or when the head/neck makes an excessive movement. The back is protected by the back protector that covers the cervical and middle vertebrae. After riding, the motorcyclist can store the helmet in a specialized compartment located on the back portion of the system.

Designers: Franco Pessino & Damian Segura


  • Olaf says:

    Ah, no, thanks. I think I am faster in and out of my jacket than I need for this thing, plus my jacket protects my whole upper body, not just part of my back.

    I suppose the designers of this never tried to scratch the road with their elbows? What sticks out gets hit first/most: Hands, elbows, shoulders, that’s why jackets have protectors there. (Not at the hands, there we have gloves.)

  • Andrew says:

    Sketches are nice, but some serious safety issues. Might take more time to get this adjusted correctly and securely (especially if it’s attached to your neck) than to put on your regular gear; let alone trying to look around with a splint attached to the base of your helmet.

  • stephen russell says:

    Sell this with motorbikes alone IE Harley, Yamaha, Victory etc makes & auto stores like Auto Zone.
    Awesome idea.

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