Easy Moto Armour

As someone who was recently in a motorcycle accident, I can testify that wearing gear is CRUCIAL to a rider’s safety. It’s easy to carelessly avoid gearing up because it’s difficult, time consuming, & just plain uncomfortable. The SP3 focuses on resolving these problems by making the back protector as easy to put on as wearing a backpack, & also incorporates a neck stabilizer directly onto the helmet. Better yet, the helmet hooks on to the back protector so you can remove your helmet, drop it & move about.

The principal function of the device is to protect three essential parts of the body; the head, the neck and the back.
The head and the neck of the motorcyclists are protected by the helmet itself as well as a device located at the bottom of the helmet that restricts movements in the event of an accident or when the head/neck makes an excessive movement. The back is protected by the back protector that covers the cervical and middle vertebrae. After riding, the motorcyclist can store the helmet in a specialized compartment located on the back portion of the system.

Designers: Franco Pessino & Damian Segura