The Ultimate Helmet… Period.

Um… why doesn’t this already exist? It’s just… plain… genius. Ideal for urban cyclists, the DORA helmet works in tandem with adaptable Bluetooth handlebar controls to give surrounding vehicles notice of the rider’s intent to turn or brake with universally recognizable light signals and colors. While it’s a great safety solution for the average cyclist, there’s also potential for an adaptation to motorcyclist helmets and the like. Check out the 360 after the jump!

Designer: Balázs Filczer


  • mzungu says:

    There is a reason that turn signal lights are placed at the extreme left and right end of a car…. Visibility. Placing them on a helmet so close together is a waste of LED.

    For a driver moving at 35mph, he cant tell where that arrow is pointed.

  • Ross says:

    What a fantastic concept. Perhaps there could be a bluetooth connection to lights in the saddle and seat post.

  • Ben Koros says:

    Mzungu: That’s why there is a red led on the back of the helmet. I guess with that you can see the relative position of the turn signal. Kickass concept, looking forward to buy it

  • Paula says:

    This a really nice helmet very creative!

  • logo design says:

    Wow it even has lights

  • Bob says:

    Cool idea 🙂 Only the if you look at if from the back it looks an arrow to the other way (for example > instead of left) because you can’t see the side and only the end of the arrow (with the certain curvature that points the other way).

  • sally says:

    Its a great idea, and a very nice concept. Unfortunately Bob is right, i just checked it, that the line from the back looks like an arrow pointing to the other direction, since it comes from teh top. But the whole concept was really clean from the beggining. so I just realized that after bob pointed it out.

  • Scott Siebers says:

    Hopefully it would be bright enough in the daylight. And for those that comment about the position of the turn indicators, you’ll need to turn your head the side to insure a safe turn, then the arrows will be visible.

  • Hunter says:

    Every motorcyclist on the planet should wear this.

  • Teszter says:


  • Teszter says:

    My post should come as a reply to mzungu’s own comment!

  • Ivan says:

    What about motorcycles? The lights are pretty close together on motorbikes.

  • dario says:

    pls we (riders) don´t have any thing im sure itll help

  • Heather says:

    Because it takes my family to change the world :p cousin is brillant and talented

  • shaboo2 says:

    Re the confusion on the L v R indicators…all you do is illuminate both at the same time and make the appropriate one blink on and off. Zero confusion no matter what shape or color. You’re welcome.

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