A Juicy Mango For Your Apple

The Mango is a very functional iPhone 5 case with a patented stand and grip function. It enables us to view the phone via the most advantageous viewing angles. Although it may seem a handful, the case is actually comfortable to use. A large hole on the backside serves as a stable finger grip for phone call, game, web surfing and texting. How about that!

Designer: id:ip


  • Quintin Smits says:

    Right, lets go buy the thinnest iPhone yet and put it in a really fat rubber-like thing.

    I get that it might be a little bit more comfortable to hold, but how are you going to put that in your pocket?

  • Mr.B says:

    It’s only for women, they have a purse 🙂

  • Miguel says:

    Where can I buy this???

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