Bizarre Yet Genius Home Phone

The UrbanHello home phone is a strange looking HD voice device but once you see the demo, it totally makes sense. Although I may poo-poo and even laugh at the idea of keeping a landline, hundreds of millions of people still use one. As my mom says, “the cell phone is for personal calls, the landland represents the family.” In a nutshell, UrbanHello is a wireless, HD voice device that turns hands free just by placing it upright. The sound automatically switches to a speaker phone of sorts transmitting sound in 360º.

The design is ultra minimalistic with two OLED displays and an alphanumeric keypad. Currently a Kickstarter project, the phone has already gathered multiple awards from trade shows, notably an Innovations Award from CES.

Designers: UrbanHello via Kickstarter


  • lion says:

    I gonna say something for kickstarter you are boring
    one off the project whish is on kickstarter copy me
    but this one is still one example off kickstarter
    for this project good idea but I don’t like the form

  • lion says:

    I wanted to say
    global the form is nice but not the details

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