Geometric Light Experiment

Some lighting designs are all about minimal visual impact on the space in which they live and others, like the Dodeck light, are about filling space! The giant geometric structure that makes up the shade is composed entirely of wastepaper cardboard of a wide variety colors produced locally in Berlin. The individual parts are reduced to geometric basics that come together to form a unique crystalline centerpiece that also creates decorative patterns on ceilings and walls. Get it here!

Designers: Markus Dilger & Thomas Hiemann


  • Alex says:

    This looks amazing, like snowflakes!

  • Jimmie says:

    I actually like this though I shudder to think what the shadows would look like.

    An interesting (to me!) tweak on this design would be to replace the cardboard with some sort of frosted light pipe. Next replace the visible central light bulb with a hidden bulb configured to internally illuminate the pipe. In this way, the snowflake-like shade itself becomes a soft glowing light.

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