Simple Muji Camera

The Ka-mu-ra is a concept based on Kanketsu, the idea of simplicity. When the brief was given to designer Forrest Radford, to design a camera for Muji, the obvious loophole was that Muji isn’t a very tech-centric company. So his first reaction was to creatively push the brand forward from where it currently is. Simple to use, the camera is off when closed and on when opened.

  • Touch interfaces on both surfaces pick up gestures made by your fingers.
  • An accelerometer controls which surface picks up information so as not to cause a conflict of information.
  • This allows for a totally unique buttonless camera.
  • Specs include 8 megapixel camera, LCD flash, Lithium Ion battery, a CPU with 4GB built in flash memory and an accelerometer, a mini-b USB for charging and transfer of data, an LCD screen and a rotational switch.
  • The camera comes in two colors, black and white.
  • The outside cover is made of soft touch ABS and the internal body of white polycarbonate.

As the designer puts it, since most photos taken now are snapshot only a few controls are needed. And since most photos are now snapshots done with phone cameras it seems logical to put this technology to good use.

Designer: Forrest Radford