Beauty with a Reason


The appropriately named Blossom Speaker takes inspiration from a blossomed flower and adapts it into a geometric and simplified form. The primary focus behind its design is to create an immersing sound experience for the user without relying on complex engineering and technology, but instead the form of the device.

The audio is projected upwards away from the base of the speaker, the cone shape then projects the sounds in all directions creating a 360-degree listening experience. This audio-dispersing cone that protrudes out of the top of the device retracts into the cylindrical body, this increases its portability while it simultaneously protects the delicate speaker cover.

The minimalistic approach to the design allows for it to suit any style of interior design, and the compact size combined with the absence of wires makes it a very portable speaker! We believe that it would be a beautiful and welcomed addition to any room.

Designers: Soohun Jung & Rich Park of BEBOP