Guessing Game # 15

What is this? Hair…maybe, but definitely not on your face! I am in a Christmassy-giving mood already, so this much hint will suffice.

YD regulars, you know the rules…new folks – this is just a fun game where you have to guess what the product is by looking at this preview. Details are inside. No prizes for guessing but just loads of admiration and love!

Thabto Moustache Door Mat is a quality natural coir doormat. It is sure to add a ‘tache’ of character to your doorstep. Real gentlemen (& of course ladies) wipe their feet before entering any decent establishment. What better way to do so than on these wonderful whiskers?

Designer: John Caswell [ Available @ YD Store for $39.00 ]


  • ha ha! love this welcome mat and definitely might have to snag one for a Christmas gift. Excellent site by the way, just happened to come across this morning. cheers!

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