Weeble broom wobbles but it wont fall down

There’s a design for a broom and dustpan out there that brings the two together in a way that not only keeps them one unit, but keeps them sitting upright as well. While a standard broom and dustpan require you to stand them up against a wall or they’ll go horizontal, the “Roly-poly Cleaner” by designer Salih Berk Ilhan [UPDATED!] is able to sit up without assistance.

What you’re looking at here is the same composure of plastics you’d normally be working with using a broom and dustpan. The difference here is the click-in nature of the two, together sitting upright and ready for your usage. When it comes time to sweep, just pull them apart.

UPDATE: designer is Salih Berk Ilhan, not “HYELIN Lee” as previously noted. As sometimes happens in our line of work, designers works are not properly attributed – in this case, it is certainly Salih Berk Ilhan who created the Roly-poly Cleaner (aka the Roly-Poly Dustpan and Broom, aka the RoPo!) We hope that those of you who have quoted Yanko at a source will make a change reflecting this update. Thank you!

Designer: Salih Berk Ilhan