Outpost Kitchen

Far far away in a land where home seems distant and the drive feels long is a place we call the office. The standard 9-5 job seems to be disappearing fast and many people are finding themselves eating lunch and dinner in office. It’s not exactly a healthy practice since desks are usually infested with more bacteria than the kitchen. So designers Simon Kingston and James Rennick decided to make that their challenge when German kitchen and appliance manufacturer Miele asked them to come up with an idea for the kitchen of the future.

Their design consists of 2 specially designed boxes. They’re proportioned to fit a number of Miele appliances and can also be used as storage. The goal was to keep these temporary kitchens modular so they could fit into any environment. They also designed attachments that can extend the kitchen’s usefulness by adding additional table tops and seating.

Of course I see nothing wrong with eating at your desk. If you’re worried about health, hey, clean your desk once in awhile. I personally like to surf the internet while I eat or watch television. Don’t you?

Designer: Simon Kingston & James Rennick [ Via: Core 77 ]


  • Simon Kingston says:

    Thanks for the feature Yanko. For anyone interested in seeing more of the project then check out my portfolio @


  • susan says:

    Interesting concept and hardly surprising in our society…I’m sure the portable office bedroom is next. But does it do the dishes?

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