Snowboard wrist armor delight

Designer Navik Lal presents a fabulous new look at the protection of the wrists of the hardcore snowboarder. This is Morph Armour, made to create a protective barrier around your wrist while you retain near-full mobility throughout your arms so you can continue to be the sports beast you know you can be. This solution takes on what Lal notes is one of the most common mishaps in the snowboarding world, making the 88% of the snowboarding population think twice about how much of a hinderance safety has to be.

Morph Armour is a wrist protection device – or pair of devices, if you’re wearing them on both arms, of course. With this armor you’ve got 2 splints with multiple segments joined by what Lal calls “living hinges.” This moving polyethylene splint is moulded to the contours of your arm for a personalized fit, with an 8 degree angle on the hinge point of 6 individual sections for an overall wrist movement range of a lovely 96 degrees.

Each of the units is affixed to your arm with an 8 point lace system so it’s not going to slip off while you’re burning up the slopes, and a removable neoprene insert works to give you extended comfort through cushioning. This unit is still currently in its conceptual phases but very well may be a real live product sooner than later!

Designer: Navik Lal