Nature Transformed

Gotta love Floris Wubben’s latest lamp design… Stripped! Each lamp is constructed using just one branch – pieces are split to form the legs and main extension while bark removed from the branch is peeled to create the shade. The design aims to maintain the natural form of the tree branch as much as possible while the process ensures that no two lamps are exactly alike!

Designer: Floris Wubben


  • Erik says:

    Wow, this reminds me of carving shapes into the bark of a campfire stick. Except you took the whole bark off :D. Must be fragile though.

  • simon says:

    Impressive! I love it!

  • nahid says:

    Hi there i’m surprised to see that lamp. No wonder its a awesome artwork. If you dont mind can you please tell me how can i get it & related things. Thanks

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