Ten Innovative Award Winning Concepts at A’ Design Awards

Innovation is a very relative term and can resonate differently to people. One of the definitions I learnt was that innovations should be something new; should generate curiosity and debate; and lastly should be doable. Barring the doable criteria, I guess most of what is defined is true. When we chart the course of the A’ Design Awards, we see some really innovative concepts showcased that have generated enough traction to warrant a conversation.

Here is a look at ten innovative award winning concepts that have won the A’ Design Awards.

Handishred by Yen Lau

The Booklight by Kahyun Kim

Ni Ji Jing 11.5m Sports Trimaran Yacht by Benjamin Eddy

Kitchen Train Kitchen Accesories by Ahmad Abedini

Frohne Eclip Usb Flash Drive by Derrick Frohne

Prevue Wearable Pregnancy Ultrasound by Melody Yi-Yun Shiue

Flyvolt G 208 Eletrically Powered Aircraft by Bruno Giardino

Sunflower Solar Povered Lunchbox by Edita Barabas

Unpredictable Teapot by Zhizhong Huang

Vespeo Automatic Espresso MacHine by Stefan Radev