Commissioning Work: Micklish Part 3

After what worked out to be a little over a month, the Belomo sideboard was ready for delivery. Last time I saw it was a week prior when all the components were made and legs welded. Waiting those nail biting 7 days was nerve racking. I have the nails to prove it. What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t look right in my space? Why the hell am I so pessimistic? Curtis has given me no indication that he was anything less than stellar throughout this entire process. My phone rang… delivery. Hit the jump!

Pardon my language but it’s fucking gorgeous! I love it. It fits perfectly into my space, right under the window and my Belomo has a sidekick – a custom fabricated box to hide my ugly box a/c unit. It’s all raw looking but so smooth to the touch. The top surface is finished in a white wash along with the white legs, helping to frame the linear lines now so familiar with the Micklish design aesthetic.

Honestly as my first custom piece made for moi, I couldn’t be happier. You guys don’t realize it but I can be quite critical. My writing staff is pretty well aware of it so when something amazing comes along, I better love it, especially if it’s going to live with me. Speaking of which, Belomo and I have been happily living together for months. Now I understand handmade quality in furniture. It’s as solid and study as the day it was delivered and has held up to everything from constant sunlight beating down on it to a dog name Miko who has figured out he can open the doors if he presses his nose against them hard enough. I love the little cubby holes Curtis made to display my Playsam toys. I love that there’s no exposed hardware on the doors.

Thank you Curtis, thank you Micklish. Read parts one and two.

Designer: Micklish