Visual Vibrations


Lumibolic is an interactive art installation which responds to sound and motion. Add some music in the mix and visitors can’t help but dance and move in its presence! Created out of 1,200 meters of electroluminescent wire, the installation visualizes sound and motion within its surrounding environment through dynamic lighting patterns. A total of 48 strands respond individually to volume levels while motion sensors activate and deactivate geometries within the Lumibolic based on visitors’ motion.

Each of the twelve half-hyperbolic paraboloid surfaces houses twenty four strands of electroluminescent wire to create dynamic visual effects. Each parabolic surface unit is composed by series of linear elements which can be turned on and off individually using electricity. By extracting the linear elements from the surface, the overall form becomes half transparent with various overlapping geometries which create visual perceptions of curvy surfaces naturally emerging and disappearing from various viewpoints. From specific angles these lines may appear to cross through others, or appear more vibrantly as a result of optical illusions such as White’s, Haze, and Criss-Cross.  Motion and sound sensors, positioned at strategic spatial positions, are choreographed to trigger crescendoing levels of dynamic lighting effects. These light patterns utilize several optical illusions to enhance experiences of dynamic visual vibration. When linked with musical performances, the light levels within the piece vibrate in patterns responding to fluctuating sound volumes.

Designers: Meredith Sattler & Steve Lee