A Brief Introduction to ICON

How many people you know are so devoted to a single design that they build their whole company, their whole life around it? A designer by the name of Jonathan Ward has done just that, having started a business with his wife Jamie that turned into the nations leading Land Cruiser Service center in 1996, they eventually caught the eye of My. Toyoda who asked them to create three running prototypes of what became the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

What happened in between there to make this wondrous dream unfold, and what went on afterward? After the couple’s business “TLC” provided sales, service, parts, and restoration to the Land Cruiser community for several years, Jonathan began to work as a consultant for Toyota and the company began working on special projects for Toyota like outfitting vehicles for special events. This is where Mr. Toyoda asked Jonathan to create the three prototypes, and Jonathan did so, paying homage to the original Land Cruiser tradition in his original sketches than what ended up becoming the 2007 FJ Cruiser.

It was at this point Jonathan and crew asked themselves what might happen if they were to “revisit the FJ40 [their] way.” From there they created ICON, a brand new vehicle “without peers for a journey without boundaries.” This vehicle has several models, each of them with classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility. Sounds alright to me!

Jonathan adds the following note:

Without the support of enthusiasts and patrons like yourself, such an extreme expression of design and utility would never have been possible.

Thanks for your support.

ICON is a US based privately owned company. We are members in high standing with the BBB, registered with the Bureau of Automotive Affairs, and SEMA members. Dun and Bradstreet rated.

Take a peek at their fantastic website over at http://icon4x4.com/

Designer: Jonathan Ward