Ketchup On The Top

The Dipping Cover is a very clever design; who would have thought that by creating a simple indent in a lid, one can achieve such spectacular functionality! The idea behind the project is to reduce the use of the plastic cups for ketchup, which we find in most McDonalds and other fast food chains. An indent on the drink or coffee mug lid is good enough to serve as a dipping dish for the ketchup. As you can see, it’s not messy and very easy to carry even on the go. Brilliant design, if you ask me!

Designer: Bae Su-kyoo and Noh Haeun


  • josh says:

    i admire the principle of economically combining two fast-food mediums into one, but i would prefer not to be sniffing ketchup while i take a drink of my soda.

  • Star says:


  • Dave says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but by adding the cup to the lid you need to add just as much plastic as you would use in the original plastic cups?

  • Amy says:

    At first I thought it would have been more plastic also, but I gave it more thought. The current McDonald’s lid has a raised surface in the center. So the design for this new lid will just be the opposite, having an indent instead. It should use about the same amount of plastic. The McDonalds lid has a large raised area though. The smoothie I just bought has more of a flat surface so the dipping cover would use more plastic in that case.

  • andrew says:


  • eddd222 says:

    @ dave & Amy

    The lids are thermoformed.
    Flat sheet of plastic, heated up, pushed into a shape. Making the depression higher will not add material, it will only slightly make the wallthickness thinner.

  • Pope says:

    you must clean your nails first

  • Yuu says:

    Doesn’t seem too sanitary.

    Usually lids and cups are stacked so that the surface that touches food does not become contaminated before use. This is even more important if the lids and cups are self-serve. You cannot achieve this with a lid that will come into contact with food on both sides.

    It’s a better idea to design a ketchup packet that fries can be dipped in. Better yet, just squeeze your ketchup carefully onto your fries.

  • Bob says:

    I also take the cup with me if I’m not finshed drinking or saving it for later (to the car or the mall). I would hate it is there is sauce on the top of it because I have to be careful.

  • aurickandrien says:

    I don’t know about cup lids where you’re from, but I often have trouble getting the straw through the lid, which often leads to some of the drink coming out the straw hole. I don’t really want juice flavoured tomato sauce.

    Also, this design means that if you spill your drink, you’re guaranteed to spill your sauce as well. Lots of fun.

  • Well, what about changing the design of the fries container to an open box while the ketchup can be poured to a smaller box on the side of the bigger one? No plastic at all.
    I said box, but it should work as well with round or cup like containers.

  • Reyhan says:

    Although, kind of gross, it is a great idea!

  • Hunter says:

    And for those people who like their drinks without lids…

  • Chris says:

    Why would you want to smell ketchup while drinking

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