IV Made Easy

It’s no wonder that getting an IV at the hospital is scary for a lot of people- it looks scary, can be painful, and often takes more than once to get it right! The Medical Feather is an innovative gadget that uses ultrasound technology to find the vein and mark it with a patch that helps nurses guide the needle to the right spot each time. The cooled patch desensitizes the skin so minimal pain is involved and also acts as a blinder, keeping the needle-to-skin action out of sight so the patient stays calm.

Designer: Adrian Borsoï


  • mrs.smith says:

    Can this be real? If not, what a cruel joke. If so, where can it be found?

  • Pearl Paxton says:

    Is this for real? If so please tell me where it can be found. If not ( sigh) what a cruel joke , but hey I can take it with a grain of salt and a smile. 😀

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