Twisted Cold Water

Coolrunnings is a concept that allows you to enjoy a cool swig of water every single time! The way it works is this; a slender turbine of sorts is fitted into a rubberized cap and based on some physics that the designer has explained below, a few good shakes is all it takes to get you cold water on the go. With summer well upon us, this seems to be one of those must-haves when you wind your way through sweaty streets and malls.

‘Coolrunnings’ always provides cool water because it employs a twister-system cooling-pin located below the bottle cap. Convection current is faster and because of the twister-like groove it resists more strongly against water than slotted grooves. Water gets cool when shaken because the cooling-pin located in the center accelerates convection. The cap is made of rubber and prevents water from leaking out of the bottle. As the condenser is grooved like a twister, water is affected by the cooling-pin turning more smoothly.

Designer: Jaehwa Lee

[youtube: 600 451]