G Shocked For Good

The G Shock concept watch is designer Alp Germaner’s personal take on his favorite watch. I like the fact he has given it his personal style rather than succumbing to the “me-too” bandwagon. His version conceptualizes the C Shock as a digital + analog wristwatch. Clean lines and bold embellishments make it the perfect timepiece. What do you think?

Designer: Alp Germaner


  • guralp alpay says:

    congratulatıons! great design!

  • guralp alpay says:

    G shocked can be as slim as this? bravo!

  • Alp says:

    this isnt aimed to be a new g shock, just inspired from one. wanted to keep the strong look & feel but with different colour displays. you can view another layout at coroflot.com/germaner with different combination materials used in 3d ideation. any critics welcome. thanks for looking

  • John says:

    I would buy this watch today!

  • andrew says:

    I only use G-shocks and i can say that this is truly great design.
    If it would be possible to make it in titanium i´m satisfied for life:-)

  • OliverPaulo says:

    Another GREAT Design from telent Alp Germaner!
    Slim profile, clean and impact appearance, very beautiful design! I would like to keep one of this!

  • Hector Silva says:

    Alp, amazing work as always – keep up the great work, kudos on the amazing aesthetics and design behind this concept.

  • Haron says:

    Great design.What software did you use to design and render?

  • Alp says:

    Hi Haron thanks. Rhino3d+Shot demo

  • Drew says:

    I want! I want! I want!

  • Rsracing1 says:

    This is a great design, sleek and updated. Used to use a G shock for in water decompression stops working as commercial a diver..very durable. Would buy this today. Looks elegant, sporty and all round quality piece.

  • Andre Fortin says:

    45 to 50 mm would be nice !

  • Scott s says:

    Can I have one for free? Just send it to me and I will wear it.

  • Alp says:

    :)thanks Scott ! just imagine you are wearing it and walk tall with a big smile

  • paul says:


    Can we be in touch I have a modern square design watch that i would like to define some details and I like your designs.

    Best Regards

  • Art G. says:

    Thin, beautiful, and stunning. Such an amazing design. When is it going to be available? I want one yesterday.

  • annette says:

    when is this for sale and if it is how much $and how do i buy it!!

  • Fran says:

    Hi!. Where is this for sale?

  • Lecre says:


    Where can i buy this watch? and btw, what is the model (like G Shock ???)?



  • Dean says:

    I want one. Looks amazing! Are you going to produce?

  • Albaniian says:

    Sory can I bay this watch ??

  • tan says:

    It’s essential to have a clean skin before applying a tanner.

    Third tip for removing self tanner is by using lemon juice mixed
    with kosher salt. Why bother to spend tens of thousands of dollars, after all, on something you may only need to use for a limited time.

  • Feroz says:

    Please Can anyone tell me wht is the price of this watch?? And also what is the Model No????

  • Pascal says:

    Hello Alp,

    I’m still waiting since 2 years to see this Watch for sale. Is it going to be released or is it just a design? I’m really interrested to by one.

    Please Alp can you give me a feedback (I mean is this Watch is on production… or will it be just a dream ?)


  • akhilesh says:

    great design yaar… i would like to buy this… plz tell me from where an how?

  • Pascal says:

    Hi again Alp and hello everybody on the post… Does anyone knows how to contact Alp the designer… I posted message about the Watch on Febuary and still no answer… is this a dead end or Alp is still looking the post sometimes. A so nice design… for a so quiet designer… this makes me sad (lol). well if someone can help to have answer(s), he will be welcome. I really dream to wear this Watch !!!

  • Alp says:

    Hi everyone. Thank you very much for all your comments and time on the idea. There are no plans of this watch being manufactured. It remains as a conceptual design exercise. You are welcome to wear it in your dreams. Thanks again all the best.

  • varun says:

    Can someone please help me in getting this watch product code
    Or share a link from where to buy this

  • jaswinder says:


  • Maurice Terndrup says:

    Want it know! Where can I buy it? ???

  • bozefuzeGen says:

    I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    where is Shop? buy? sample?

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