Illuminated Wired Mess

Chaos theory rules as I try and come to grips with the traditional connotations of the After Image Floor Lamp. Modelled on the mesmerizing ember effects of a fire going out in the dead of the night, red wires in an organized chaotic fashion, wrap around the modular frame of this lamp. To quote Monocomplex, the design was inspired from the scene of mouse fire play; ‘Jui-bool-no-ri , which is one of Korea’s traditional customs. If you ask me, it’s a whole lot of wires and bulbs in a symbiotic relationship!

Material: Steel & Wire

Size : 1500(H) x 600(W) x 400(D)

Designer: Monocomplex


  • Jimmy C says:

    Kinda messy looking, but pleasing at the same time. I see this more as being for decorating purposes.

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