Wooden Perfection

Inspired by the rings of a tree, the organic shape and texture of the GVAL chair’s alternating sheets of plywood serve as a visual and tangible reminder of both nature and memory. Perfectly nested inside the hollow chair are 2 additional segments that can be used as footrests, or combined to form another chair. Magnifique!

GVAL is a First Prize Winner in the Making Chairs category of the interational
competition Art On Chairs, awarded by the Paredes Center of Furniture

Designers: Vanesa Moreno, Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard & Nenad Katic


  • Jimmy C says:

    I see people approaching the “hollow” chair design a lot. But this is a pretty good one. The colors are really striking here.

  • Lyn says:

    I love this chair! Where can I purchase it?

  • deadcat says:

    This is cute. I would just hope that the chair is more comfortable than it looks.

  • stef says:

    apsolutley great job .

  • tardkiller says:

    you might have to change the angle a bit to make it comfortable and ergonomic but this is a good start.

  • michela says:

    have you succeeded in understanding how much coast and where do you/they sell this beautiful chair?

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