Gardening for All

The U-CAN, inspired by the elephant’s super-functional trunk, features an extended tactile spout and built-in wheels on either side of its reservoir that make it easy to pull from gardening area to gardening area. Usable by adults, children and seniors alike, this functional design is particularly useful to users with limited mobility or strength by preventing injuries and exhaustion.

Designer: Diane Dupire


  • Quintin says:

    Interesting concept!

    Watering plants with it while standing up (like on the drawing) won’t work, though… The water will come out of the filler-hole, it won’t stay in the back of the watering can like that…

  • Stuart says:

    Really like this idea, it’s such a pain trying to carry a watering can around. Seems to be different sizes in the renderings, would love to know how easy it is to control the water flow. Looks really good though

  • Teto says:

    really great concept, good idea!!!i don’t know the design…aesthetics. i’m agree with Stuart, i can’t understand the real size. anwiay great job.

  • Andre says:

    Looks good but I’d like to try it
    before I buy one.

  • musiqfighter says:


  • tardkiller says:



  • Jimmy C says:

    Good design! It seems very well built. You might want to move the hole for the water up a bit though, or water will spill when you point the spout down. I appreciate how it works almost the same as a normal watering can.

  • Ruby says:

    This is intended to be suitable for users with ‘limited strength and mobility’? Not sure that their needs have been met if that volume of water is needing to be lifted, won’t it be quite heavy?

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