3D Made Easy

Armada is a phone-sized portable 3D scanner built so that anyone can capture the physical forms of objects on the go. Armada syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone to create a 3D scan of any object through triangulation between its cameras and cross-beam laser. The process is streamlined so that all the user has to do is hit the start button. After scanning, Armada builds an STP file in real-time on your iOS or Android phone that can be opened and edited in any 3D modeling software.

Armada’s cameras are angled to track the position of the cross-beam laser on a surface, providing the three necessary reference points to create a cloud point. During the scanning process thousands of cloud of points are formed and merged into polygons to form a model.

Designers: Isaac Blankensmith and Kyle DeHovitz

Armada | 3D Scanner from Isaac Blankensmith on Vimeo.