Pill Box for Alzheimer Patients

Memo is a portable Pill box for alzheimer patients to remind them when and how many pills to take, thanks to an ingenious use of LEDs. A light with a specific color indicates the color of the box the patient has to take from. Traditionally, medications are divided up using standard trays separated by days but even some advanced patients have a hard time remember what day it is. Made of soft touch rubber, aluminum, a small circuit board, battery and LED lights. It would only cost $20. Good idea?

Designer: Jules Toulemonde


  • Dada says:

    Light indication is good idea.
    But there should be 7 trays in 1 box. Each containing all needed pills for that day of the week.

    So when light on 1 tray is on or slowly blinking. A pacient need to take all pills that current tray contain.

    Reminding to take and taking pills need to be as simple as possible. Because at times even that simple and obvious things are too much…

  • Erica says:

    Nice idea, but in practice I don’t think it will work.

    People with Alzheimer’s are going to have a hard time realising what the box and the light are and mean. For people with Alzheimer’s they certainly aren’t going to remember how it works, no matter how intuitive to the rest of us. And even if they do end up realising what it is, they will invariable substitute another object and think that its the pill box and try to use it accordingly.

  • pillboxguy says:

    love the idea. Currently digital infrastructure in clinics and hospitals would be a barrier. Always a fine line with memory impaired patients. Comes a time when not a matter of losing car keys- but a matter of not knowing what car keys are for. (like mentioned above)

    nice work and keep thinking!!

  • Jimmy C says:

    I’m also wondering where a patient would put it if he didn’t have a breast pocket.

  • uh… why don’t they just make it white and make the one you’re supposed to take light up? so much simpler.

    And i mean, with this, they’d have to remember how the thing works. If theres like, a bunch of dark slots, and one lit up, it’d be pretty simple to infer that like, oh duh, I take the one that’s glowing.

  • matt says:

    You need to understand your customer from an aesthetics point of view. A lot of older people are going to take one look at that and be turned off. Simple changes could help, such as choice of materials and colors that they would be more familiar with. Actually numbered boxes and an LCD screen might work better than colors, numbers are always understood to have a purpose. If the patient is too far gone they might just see the color of the light and the color of the boxes as unrelated.

  • rachel says:

    recommed a MEd-Q Pill box. It is an all-in-one pillbox organizer, dispenser and reminder. It lights up the box to be taken and has a loud alarm that doesn’t stop until they take their pills. Very easy to use an costs less tha 60 dollars. It is at lifesavingpillbox.com. It is great to keep people out of the ER

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