Going Back to Sundials

The Umbra is an ultra cool clock concept that works on the principles of the sundial. Two strips of concealed LEDs create the illusion of the hour and minute hands. Although a bit bulky, I love the fact that you can tape the clock vertical or horizontal, thanks to the gecko tape in the rear.

Designer: Roshan Hakkim


  • Nadim Inaty says:

    wonderful and simple concept, clean and emotional shape that recalls the feeling of being in an astral travel 🙂
    … plausible design!

  • Jonathan says:

    I would definitely buy this, priced anywhere up to $50. Any more, and I might consider it up to a certain point.

  • alex&r says:

    TamTam sent me here

  • al says:

    would the light/shadow still be clear in a lit room?

  • BenK says:

    You realize that most of the time, the light from the each LED will wash over the others shadow, meaning you will almost never be able to see the time.

  • Vit says:

    This problem can be somewhat decreased if the bottom of the clock is made grooved.

  • Vit says:

    Also the directional pattern of each LED can be such that it mostly covers the region BEHIND the projection, so not washing over the shadow from another LED.

  • Emotional and Storyteller product. I love it !

  • CM says:

    I love it , but i concern the shadow can be clear in a lighted room !

  • shiverbrains says:

    Uninspired ripoff. I remember making these as a little kid, it’s called a Bulbdial clock and there are already hundreds of these on the market (and the LEDs do wash each other out).

  • CX says:

    How about viewing angle?

  • Hunter says:

    Can only be used outside.
    To be used inside, the clock would have to somehow “know” the direction of light sources.

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