Talk About Tea Fishing and Cans!

I confess that I have a thing for quirky everyday items. On first glance they may seem unnecessary and frivolous but if you dig deeper, you cultivate the fine art of design appreciation. I have picked four of my favorite from the Yanko Design Store, and I am sure you will agree that all four are surefire hit as conversation starters!

Cuppa Can by Thabto [ Buy it Here ]

An elegant double walled porcelain mug shaped like a regular soda can! It comes with a silicone lid to contain the piping hot brew.

My Eco Can by PLA STUDIO [ Buy it Here ]

My Eco Can is an eco friendly reusable water bottle shaped like a regular soda can. It is crafted from natural corn starch and is durable enough to be your thirst quencher for a very long time. Works good with hot as well as cold beverages.

Tea Fishing by AbelPartners Design Studio [ Buy it Here ]

Love the way this tea bag holder solves the problem of tea bag placements in your hot cuppa brew!

Tea Diver by AbelPartners Design Studio [ Buy it Here ]

Tea Diver is is inspired by the shape of Korean traditional diver, Meoguri, which only relies on a string of Oxygen tank to explore the deep sea.