Breathe Easy

What we have here is a brilliant idea that can go on to save many lives during a smoke crisis in subway trains. However it does come with its set of flaws. The Sub-Resk is an overhead handle-strap design for the standing commuters. It comes integrated with an purified air mask that can be easily deployed should the need arise. The only flaw is the logistics of usage, only those who are grabbing on to the handle will be able to use one. Experience shows that during panic situations people react differently, while some may be chivalrous and maybe share their mask with another person, others may not. Another point against this design is the amount of air contained in the capsule, since it does not seem to be hooked to some supply pipes. Nevertheless, it’s a concept worth exploring and building upon.

Designers: Sang-eon Lee & Yeong-ho Yoon


  • Justin says:

    quite cool! it would be better if the handle can be detached since smoke rises, to allow the user to duck underneath for more air.

  • alex says:

    maybe the small round black part acts as a filter?

    either way, forget subways (in the short term at least) this would be more useful in the mining industry

  • sam says:

    as good as an idea this is, isn’t sanitation an issue also?

  • cwt107 says:

    if it was chaos, people would fight for that mask.

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