ABSOLUT BLANK Inspires Creativity & Imagination

ABSOLUT is not limited to just being an amazing vodka brand, it also has artistic inclinations. Their latest collab is the ABSOLUT BLANK where the iconic ABSOLUT bottle proves to be a challenging canvas for 18 designers from varied backgrounds. The result are 18 exquisite creations that range from cutwork, artwork, lights installations to miniature crafts. We’ve compiled all 18 works into one gallery. You could win a personalized ABSOLUT BLANK piece of art, but rules apply.

To win the ABSOLUT BLANK piece of art, you need to:

  • Like their Facebook Page and enter the contest here.
  • When you enter, you’ll receive a unique URL.
  • Share it via email or Twitter, post it on your blog or Facebook and for every resulting entry, you’ll receive an extra entry – up to 5 in total.
  • 500 Runners-up cocktail shakers are also up for grabs.

It’s really hard to pick one, but if you were to choose, which design work would you like to win?

Absolut Blank from Protein® on Vimeo.

Midwesterners Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski of Aesthetic Apparatus have created a bottle that is quite imaginative and has a special character to it! I love the fangs and the bulls eye detailing.

Los Angeles-based Dave Kinsey is a powerhouse of the graffiti-turned-fine-art set. Feathers, leaves and earthy tones are his traits.

Fantasy and imagination have marked Kentborn artist David Bray from the start. His lady with long hair is fantastic, don’t miss the peeky eyes detailing within the locks!

Good Wives and Warriors is a design duo made up of former Glasgow School of Art classmates Becky Bolton and Louis Chappell. Their work is on top of my charts, I love the intricate detailing and mesmerizing colors used for the artwork.

To transport his vision from the mental to the physical plane of existence, Mario Wagner depends on his finesse with scissors and glue. His cutwork of the eye, the fingers and heightened pink is quite magnificent.

A central theme to much of the Oakland-based Brett Amory’s work has been “waiting”. This is quite evident in his work for the ABSOLUT BLANK Bottle. Ah…the lady is waiting!

Asked if working as an artist makes him see the world differently, Brazil-born illustrator/ designer/typographer Eduardo Recife answers that really it’s the opposite. His bird motif and nature theme is quite surprising!

In his graphic designs, illustrations and paintings, Fernando Chamarelli mixes multiple esthetic influences — cartoons, caricatures, tattoos and street art. His cocktail of Mexican motifs and symbols is quite refreshing.

Having grown up in Albany New York, Jeremy Fish was raised on a diet of Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry, the Brothers Grimm and skateboarding. So is this bottle Jeremy’s take on a fish or Noah’s Arc? Brilliant!

Rome-born, London-based Ludovica Gioscia’s collages are bright and complex, whimsical and provocative. Looking at her version…we all know what that means.

For Bronx-born artist Marcus Jansen, accidents are just a matter of perception. I love the use of yellow in his painting…kudos.

New York-based Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto created Morning Breath in the 1990’s after working together at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. They have a very classic take on the ABSOLUT BLANK!

Robert Mars is a former skateboarder, the design director of streetwear label Zoo York. He has a very sensational choice for art and diamonds!

In each of his paintings, drawings and designs, Sam Flores takes a deep stroll through human fears and passions. I love this woman he has drawn, it feels like she is being comforted by natures. How serene.

Texan Zac Freeman’s work has been compared favorably to that of Chuck Close and Bernard Pras. Just look at the way he has recreated a man’s face…. excellent!

Adhemas Batista likes to say that his job is selling colors. Bright orange and black. Magenta and pink. Purple and baby blue. Color therapy anyone?

United Visual Artists — UVA – are a London based collective that draws its energy from breaking down the boundaries between research, software, engineering and art. Their instillation of lights for the ABSOLUT BLANK is phenomenal. Those of you who have seen it are quite lucky. This is one of my fav artwork.

The intricate worlds New York-based Thomas Doyle builds in 1:35 scale and smaller find their inspiration in memory. His miniature outlook for ABSOLUT BLANK is world in itself.