The Whenever, Wherever Epi-Injector

If you have or know someone who has a food allergy you know the consequences of a negative reaction can be scary and life-threatening. Even though the CDC has reported an 18% increase in food allergies in the last decade, many are still reluctant to carry an Epi-Pen. The Epi-Inject collection of personal and public emergency adrenaline injectors aims to break stigma and provide an easy, non-jabbing method of treatment that anyone can administer.

Personal Epi

  • Use whenever, wherever.
  • Attach to a bag or backpack with the carabiner
  • Unobtrusive 3”x 2” size is small enough to fit  in your pocket.
  • Easy adminstering! No more jabbing!  Press the spring-loaded button to deploy the injector.

Public Epi

  • Epi-Inject Public Spaces would be installed at restaurants, schools, parks, or any place where allergy attacks are likely to occur.
  • Creates awareness through visible installation in public spaces.
  • Designed to be administered by someone unfamiliar with the EpiPen.

Designers: Maria Pitallano & Erin Fong


  • Ray says:

    Not sure that placing adrenaline shots at every corner is a good idea. It is, in fact, a drug and could easily be misused/abused.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Perhaps they could attach it to some type of fire alarm setup? You have to raise the alarm before taking it off the wall. You can get punished for false alarms, and notify a nearby hospital in case secondary assistance is needed.

  • Calichef says:

    I have never heard of anyone, ever, abusing epinepherine. Ever. And I know someone who once stole a gigantic tank of laughing gas from a dentist’s office.

    As a chef one of my worst nightmares is that someone who has either never eaten shellfish, or never had a problem before, will discover a deadly shellfish allergy while eating a plate of mussels, or something. Allergies can be discovered at any time in a person’s life. This could save lives!

    Maybe this means more to me because I once saw someone die at a crab feed.

  • When and where can i buy this? the Personal Epi is a great and good looking idea.

  • Dan says:

    Please let me know where or when these are available.

  • Cassandra says:

    I have a severe allergy to peanuts. Can’t be in same room with them. By the time I get to my epi pen I am able to give myself the injection. Use to have a pen that I placed on my skin for 10 seconds and it delivered the epi. It is now off the market. I recently had the reaction and was not able to use the regular epi pen correctly. Your delivery system looks much easier and less painful. Is it approved by the FDA and available to the public yet?

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