The Whenever, Wherever Epi-Injector

If you have or know someone who has a food allergy you know the consequences of a negative reaction can be scary and life-threatening. Even though the CDC has reported an 18% increase in food allergies in the last decade, many are still reluctant to carry an Epi-Pen. The Epi-Inject collection of personal and public emergency adrenaline injectors aims to break stigma and provide an easy, non-jabbing method of treatment that anyone can administer.

Personal Epi

  • Use whenever, wherever.
  • Attach to a bag or backpack with the carabiner
  • Unobtrusive 3”x 2” size is small enough to fit  in your pocket.
  • Easy adminstering! No more jabbing!  Press the spring-loaded button to deploy the injector.

Public Epi

  • Epi-Inject Public Spaces would be installed at restaurants, schools, parks, or any place where allergy attacks are likely to occur.
  • Creates awareness through visible installation in public spaces.
  • Designed to be administered by someone unfamiliar with the EpiPen.

Designers: Maria Pitallano & Erin Fong